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Sound Master Move

Set the pace with Sound Master Move. Woven fabric and bold colors come together for a style that screams "MOVE." With up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime, you can let the music play in rain or sunshine, thanks to its water-resistant design. Light as a feather at 328g, yet packed with power, Sound Master Move is perfect to throw in your bag.


Empowerment Through Audio

We are dedicated to improving your day through sound. Our products are not just a part of your journey – they help shape it. Experience sound that can motivate, soothe, and inspire you every day.

The Restful Journey

Find peace in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and ensure that every night becomes a journey towards deeper calm. With earbuds designed for comfort and silence - experience the difference with Wavell 3 Light Sleep.

Empower Your Journey

For us, sound is more than just vibrations - it's social interaction, personal immersion, emotions, and biology. It's at the core of our passion, and that's precisely why we can't let it go.

The Active Journey

Take a step into a sound universe where every moment is filled with sound that matches your energy and pace. Wavell TWO is designed to perform, no matter what your journey entails.


Founded in 2019 with a love for, and the idea that sound is a driving force to achieve your goals. We want to create great experiences through sound and provide you with the best products possible.



At Wavell we aim to empower your journey, amplify your individuality, and help you cut through the noise.

Let our headphones play the soundtrack to your story.


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